Book in Serbian: A Guide to the Best Serbian Books Language

Serbian literature dates back centuries and boasts a vibrant history. Serbian has produced some of the world’s most celebrated and influential authors, from epic poetry to modern-day novels. We will delve into the world of Book in Serbian and explore the top authors and works that have shaped the country’s literature.

The History of Serbian Literature

Serbian literature has a long and complex history, dating back to the 12th century. The earliest works were epic poetry, which celebrated the heroic deeds of legendary figures such as Prince Marko and the Battle of Kosovo. Over the centuries, Serbian literature evolved and diversified, producing drama, prose, and poetry that explored themes of love, loss, war, and politics.

Top Serbian Authors

Serbian literature has produced many influential and highly regarded past and present authors. Some of the most famous names in Serbian literature include:

  • Milorad Pavić
  • Ivo Andrić
  • Mesa Selimović
  • Vuk Karadžić
  • Branko Ćopić
  • Aleksandar Tišma
  • Danilo Kiš
  • Dobrica Ćosić

These authors have written some of the most celebrated works of Serbian literature, including “Dictionary of the Khazars,” “The Bridge on the Drina,” “Death and the Dervish,” and “The Chronicle of a Small Town Cemetery.”

Contemporary Book in Serbian

Contemporary Serbian literature is a vibrant and diverse field, with new works and authors always emerging. Some of the most notable contemporary Serbian authors include:

  • David Albahari
  • Aleksandar Hemon
  • Zoran Živković
  • Vladislav Bajac
  • Jelena Lengold
  • Goran Petrović

These authors have written works that have received international acclaim, including “Leeches,” “Nowhere Man,” “The Fourth Circle,” and “An Exclusive Love.”

Popular Genres Book in Serbian

Serbian literature spans various genres, from historical epics to contemporary fiction. Some of the most popular genres in Serbian literature include:

Historical Fiction

Works that explore the rich history of Serbia and the Balkans, such as “The Bridge on the Drina” by Ivo Andrić and “Death and the Dervish” by Mesa Selimović.

Contemporary Fiction

Works that explore modern-day Serbia and its people, such as “Leeches” by David Albahari and “Nowhere Man” by Aleksandar Hemon.


Serbian poetry has a long and rich tradition, with poets such as Vasko Popa and Dušan Kostić producing works celebrated for their beauty and depth.


Serbian drama has a rich history, with playwrights such as Branislav Nušić and Ljubomir Simović producing entertaining and thought-provoking works.

Where to Find Book in Serbian

Books in Serbian can be found in many places, both in Serbia and abroad. Some of the best places to find books in Serbian include:


Many bookstores in Serbia and other countries carry books in Serbian, including popular titles and new releases.


Public and university libraries in Serbia and abroad also carry books in Serbian, including rare and hard-to-find works.

Online Retailers

Websites such as Amazon and Book Depository carry books in Serbian, making ordering titles from anywhere in the world easy.

In conclusion, books in Serbian offer a window into the rich and diverse culture of Serbia and its people.

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