Brittney Griner Children Look at Her Two Children, Mekhai and Lola

As a professional basketball player, Brittney Griner plays for the Phoenix Mercury in the Women’s National Basketball Association (WNBA). She is one of the most dominant players in the league and has won several awards and accolades throughout her career. While Brittney is known for her impressive skills on the court, she is also a mother to two children. In this article, we will look closely examine how Brittney Griner Children balances her career and, motherhood.

Who are Brittney Griner’s Children?

Brittney Griner has two children, a son named Mekhai and a daughter named Lola. Mikhail was born in 2017, while Lola was born in 2020. Brittney welcomed her children with her ex-wife, Glory Johnson, who is also a former WNBA player.

Brittney’s Journey to Motherhood

Brittney Griner has always been open about her desire to become a mother. In an interview with ESPN in 2014, she spoke about her dreams of starting a family and how important it was for Brittney to have children.

“I want to have kids, whether with a female or male,” she said. “I want to start a family. I don’t see why I should stop that because of who I am.”

Glory Johnson and Brittney announced they were expecting their first child together in 2015, and they later got married. However, the pregnancy was not without its challenges. Brittney and Glory filed for divorce just weeks after announcing the pregnancy, and there were disagreements about how to raise the child. Despite the challenges, Brittney welcomed her son Mekhai in 2017 and has been an active and involved parent ever since. In 2020, she welcomed her daughter Lola and has continued to balance her career and motherhood with grace and determination.

Balancing Motherhood and a Professional Basketball Career

Balancing motherhood and a professional basketball career can be challenging, but Brittney Griner has found a way to make it work. She has spoken openly about the support system she has in place, including her family, friends, and team.

“I have a huge support system, which is huge,” she told ESPN. “My family, friends, and team have all been amazing. They’ve helped me with everything from caring for the kids to getting them to and from school.”

Brittney also credits her time management skills for helping her balance her career and motherhood. She prioritises her family and career, and she is always looking for ways to be efficient and effective with her time.

Looking Ahead

Brittney Griner has faced numerous challenges in her journey to motherhood, but she has consistently demonstrated her ability to overcome them. Her success is a shining example for young women who seek to balance a family and a thriving career. Moreover, her outstanding performance on the court continues to inspire fans worldwide. As she looks ahead to the future, Brittney knows that she will face new challenges but is confident that she can overcome them with the support of her loved ones and her unwavering determination. She is focused on raising her children and continuing to dominate on the basketball court.

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