Florida Panthers Logo: A Complete History and Evolution

The Florida Panthers are a professional ice hockey team based in Sunrise, Florida. The National Hockey League (NHL) has considered the team a prominent part of it since its establishment in 1993. The team has undergone numerous changes over the years, including changes to their logo. In this article, we will look at the history and evolution of the Florida Panthers logo.

The Original Logo (1993-1999)

The original Florida Panthers logo featured a panther head in navy blue, gold, and red. Bill Torrey, the team’s president, then designed the logo, which featured a fierce panther with a stern expression against a shield-shaped background. The logo featured the team’s name written in gold at the top, while the NHL logo was positioned at the bottom.

The “Leaping Panther” Logo (1999-2016)

In 1999, the Florida Panthers introduced a new logo featuring a navy blue and gold leaping panther. Vince Tyra, the team’s vice president of marketing at the time, designed the logo, which featured a stylized and modern-looking panther against a circular background. The team’s name was positioned below the panther and decorated in gold, a departure from the previous logo.

The “Rampant Panther” Logo (2016-Present)

Reebok and the team’s management introduced the most recent Florida Panthers logo in 2016, featuring a navy blue, gold, and red panther with a more aggressive appearance. The logo depicts the panther in a forward-leaning position with its teeth bared, ready to strike. The team’s name is now at the top of the logo, while the NHL logo is at the bottom.

The Evolution of the Logo

Over the years, the Florida Panthers logo has undergone a significant transformation. The logo has changed from the original, fierce panther head to the more modern and stylized leaping panther, and finally, to the aggressive-looking rampant panther to reflect the team’s evolving identity and branding strategy. The use of navy blue, gold, and red has remained a constant throughout the team’s logo history, giving the team a distinctive and recognizable color scheme.

The Meaning Behind the Logo

The Florida Panthers logo represents the team’s identity and values. The panther symbolizes strength, power, and grace, reflecting the team’s competitive spirit and commitment to excellence. The colors navy blue, gold, and red represent the team’s connection to the state of Florida, with navy blue symbolizing the ocean, gold symbolizing the sunshine. And red symbolizes the passion and energy of the fans.


The Florida Panthers logo has significantly transformed from the original panther head to the more modern and aggressive panther. The logo reflects the team’s identity and values. The navy blue, gold, and red have become synonymous with the Florida Panthers. The team’s future logo changes and updates will be interesting as it continues to evolve and grow.

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