Gimkit: A gaming platform for learning on electronic devices

Gimkit helps students by enhancing their learning abilities through gaming way with an appealing interface.

There are many other online platforms that assist teachers as well as students. Online learning systems make the lives of teachers and students who live in different areas. For now, the discussion is about Gimkit and its features that help both teachers and students. Teachers can also get the needed controls over the checking of students’ progress through this platform. Students can also take live classes and get assignments individually from the teacher.

Many things about this platform will discussed later in this article. So, in order to get knowledge about Gimkit, scroll down in the article.

Introduction to Gimkit

Gimkit is a game-show quiz platform that provides multiple options of answers in different colors to make it impressive. It allows the students to join the live by putting the game code that was distributed by the teacher. Students can also get quizzes personally for his/her individual practices. The idea behind making this game-based learning platform was to engage the students as much as possible with this platform. It provides a great educational experience to different levels of students.

You just need to internet open your browser and search Gimkit. You will see a website of this quiz platform on the desktop computer. After opening, you can also sign up for free and use your email or current Google account. A pop-up will show in which you have to enter your name and last initial. Select the one option that is who you are. It means you can select the teacher or student option to get the dashboard respectively.

The teacher’s dashboard provides many controls over the students and looks over their progress. He/she can set the date of the assignments and also deadlines for the students. But first, he has to import a roaster to give the assignment to the students. There is an option “Kits” in the Gimkit that are created to help the teachers as well as students.

The user-pleasant interface of Gimkit

As many students of different ages will use this quiz-based learning platform, they kept its interface very simple and attractive. Gimkit provides the answer options in various beautiful colors to make it more enjoyable. A responsive and easy-to-use interface allows the users to easily navigate this platform.

How can users access the Gimkit?

Users can use and access the Gimkit through their electronic devices such as PCs, laptops, and mobile phones. They can easily sign up or sign in to this game-show learning platform by using a browser with the internet. You can easily sign up and enjoy the free and premium subscription version of this platform. 

Advantages of Gimkit

There are some popular advantages of this game-show learning platform that help the students and teachers.

•             Students can earn virtual currency by giving the right answer and then investing to increase their score points. But wrong will cost the students.

•             Students can build the quiz questions with the teachers by using the KitCollab feature.

•             Teachers have many controls such as taking live classes by sharing code or running by a central account, assigning homework, setting deadlines, etc. They can also check the progress of students through this online learning platform.

•             Students can easily join the live class through a game code that was shared by the teacher or Google account.

•             It provides the kits to assist the teachers and students.

•             It offers a free version and also a premium version to use full features and modes.

•             User-friendly and appealing interface for the users.

There will be some other benefits of the Gimkit.


In a nutshell, Gimkit is the best game-show classroom learning platform and provides a good range of features for users. Students will get a good educational experience through this platform. It provides the controls to the teachers. You can use its free and premium version.

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